Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Time Here at Last

Nothing like the green of Spring colors to inspire an artist to create. Just as Spring has just begun, so have I, and now it is time to share some of  my goodies with you. 

This first one I put together sitting out in the sunshine of the first warm day of the year in early February. I call it A Taste of Spring It is made of glass beads and gold plated links that are connected with handmade gold plated jump rings. The cross pendant  is gold colored metal, possibly brass. The earrings are hung on gold plated ear wires and come with rubber backs so to not get lost

Newly listed I call this Spring Time Bracelet. This little beauty is made of bicone cut swarovski crystals and sterling silver bugle beads. It is 7 inches long, strung on sturdy tiger tail (very thin cable) and closes with a self closing silver plated clasp. 
Nothing but class here!

Another new listing Spring TimeThis little pair I made with St Patricks day in mind, but they will work for Easter, Mothers Day or any day for that matter. Just a fun little pair of green to lighten  and brighten the day.

Here is a sneak peek at not yet listed items:
Sterling silver, freshwater pearl, swarovski crystal. Adorable!

Oval Czech glass earrings

Red and black glass beads

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A work in progress

New Items Listed

      Two of the three items featured in my last post have been listed on Etsy and Artfire.  The Lady Bug earrings were snatched up by their owner almost immediately Rainbow Dreams is still waiting for hers.  
      Other new items have also been listed in my Etsy store recently. 
      Today was rainy, wet, and cold so it called for a fire to be lit in the fireplace.  We use wood heat as our primary heat source, but since the days have been rather nice the last week, we have not kept it going through the day.  So even though it was cold and wet outside, having the warmth of a fire going made it feel rather cozy inside. 

Because of the fire I had wood on the brain, so todays listings are made of just that. Wood

 The name I gave this first pair I listed is called Little Wood Earrings  
Yeah know the name is not very creative, but it is descriptive of the item.

 They are little, and made of wood : )

Again, another uncreative, yet descriptive name for my work.  
This piece is called Wood Bead Necklace

And finally we have................. 


Yup you guessed it, Wood Bead Earrings with Feather!

Thanks for looking, I enjoy reading your comments below.  I LOVE feedback!! ♥

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Items Coming to An Etsy Near You!!

New items will be listed in the next couple of days in my shop... here is a sneak peek at what you will find.

These little ladybugs will enjoy going places with you.  The color in this pic is just a little off.  The images for the listing will be taken in natural light to show off the true colors.

Green is the color of the day.  These lovely little Swarovski Crystal earrings will brighten even the dreariest day.  They are hung on Sterling Silver  ear-wires for that added touch of class.

Gold plated Dream Catcher earrings with clear Swarovski crystal.  Wearing these earring will only let good daydreams through.  Attract positive energy your way wearing these cheerful rainbow webs. The feathers jingle when you move for added fun.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Welcome To My Fire

 I am lighting a fire and invite you to join me around it to share laughter, tears, and each other.  As more arrive we will  throw another stick on to keep the flames of warmth and friendship burning.