Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fun With Wire

 A month or so ago I got the urge to learn how to weave wire.  I did a search online to find a tutorial, and came across a video on YouTube teaching the Herringbone Weave. It is simple to do and the results are nothing short of stunning.  As you can see I have been enjoying playing with the wire creating bracelets and earrings.

Turquoise Bracelet size 8

Turquoise Bracelet size 7.5

Topaz Glass Bracelet size 6

Green Jade Bracelet size 7

I hope you have enjoyed, please feel free to comment, feedback is always welcome.  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dreaming about Dreamcatchers

I have been creating Dreamcatchers of all shapes and sizes for 10+ years now.  The other day I realized it had been a while since I made any, and my sister, who will only wear gold color jewelry, was on my mind.  This is what came out of those thoughts.

Click on picture to see more views of these Gold Rainbow Dreamcatcher Earrings 

I have friends who also create Dreamcatchers in many shapes and sizes.   Here are examples of their work

JPGStudio2536  creates Dreamcatchers and other amazing scenery from cloth!

DreamWeaverSpirit makes lovely Native Inspired jewelry that feature Dreamcatchers as the focal

Brenda from AKiwiSilkie, puts a unique spin on Dreamcatchers that is different from most I have seen.

Click HERE to read the legend of the Dreamcatcher  and to learn more about them.  

Monday, July 16, 2012


It is funny how sometimes I will think of doing something, but not really have much motivation.  It is just a tickle of an idea in my mind.  Then someone comes along out of the blue sky, and challenges me to step up and accompolish what has been going round, and round in the back of my head.

Last week I was contacted by a fan of my work.  She said that she really liked my Citrine Tree of Life Wall hanging, but that she would like one larger, and could I do this for her.   It was time for me to either say no, sorry or step up to the challenge and say of course :)  

For several weeks it has been tickling in the back of my mind to create a larger TOL wall hanger, as what I have listed, at 3 inches wide,  would really be better suited to a car, RV or camper.

  It took me a total of  5 hours working time,  aprox 20' of wire, and a full 32" strand of gemstones, but I did it!!

Silversmithing Fun :)

Over the weekend I took my first every jewelry class. Beginner Silversmithing taught by Dave Smith at Beahoholique Too in Cypress, Texas.    Dave is a great instructor, giving directions and example prior to the students being turned loose to complete each step.   Through following his instructions, and having him check my work often for advice on what to do, I created this lovely Silver and Snowflake Turquoise pendant.

 Now I want to make more!!  : )