Friday, July 20, 2012

Dreaming about Dreamcatchers

I have been creating Dreamcatchers of all shapes and sizes for 10+ years now.  The other day I realized it had been a while since I made any, and my sister, who will only wear gold color jewelry, was on my mind.  This is what came out of those thoughts.

Click on picture to see more views of these Gold Rainbow Dreamcatcher Earrings 

I have friends who also create Dreamcatchers in many shapes and sizes.   Here are examples of their work

JPGStudio2536  creates Dreamcatchers and other amazing scenery from cloth!

DreamWeaverSpirit makes lovely Native Inspired jewelry that feature Dreamcatchers as the focal

Brenda from AKiwiSilkie, puts a unique spin on Dreamcatchers that is different from most I have seen.

Click HERE to read the legend of the Dreamcatcher  and to learn more about them.  


  1. I own a pair of Sonora Kay's Dream Catcher earrings and I love them! The quality of her work is outstanding. If you like dream catchers, you should check them out. I know you will also love them.


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