Saturday, November 27, 2010

Watching Camo Kitty try to catch the fish....she sits in the chair near their tank and watches them ever so closely. When she feels she has the upper advantage she POUNCES hitting her head against the glass.

Embarrassed she then runs from the room making whimpering noises, only to return a few minutes later to try agai

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Today is November 25th Thanksgiving Day 2010  so here I am thinking about all that I am thankful for.....  
Thankful for Camo Kitty 
who's antics lighten the mood in our home
 and bring us great joy

For our girls Brooke and Bailee. 
The unconditional love they show us and each other blows my mind.

My Beautiful Daughter Teresa

Teresa's adorable children
 my Grandbabies Samantha and Luc who I love beyond belief

My Handsome Son Sam and his dog Dakota Gold

My amazing Husband Robert who is bouncing back, against all odds
 from the stroke he suffered three years ago. 
Baby you are my hero and inspiration!! I LOVE YOU!! 

My Wonderful Stepson Jason and his beautiful wife Claudia, and Beck 
the most amazing step grandson ever!

The ability to see and appreciate beauty in my own backyard
And front yard

I could go one and on giving thanks for each of my eleven (11) siblings and posting their pictures along with my many nieces and nephews.  For the many friends  both new and old, online and offline that I have the privilege and honor of knowing over the years. Suffice it to say I am abundantly blessed and very thankful!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope the holiday is a wonderful one for you all!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Custom order...Medicine Wheel Dreamcatcher

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Memorial Bracelets

Last summer a friend approached me about making a memorial bracelet for her to remember her horse who had recently passed over the rainbow bridge.  She knew that I made jewelry some of which was hand woven so believed  that I had the skills necessary to pull off the job. 

That is how I got my start in creating these memorial pieces for the owners who were left behind.  I found in making the piece for my friend  that it is a spiritual thing. I had the opportunity to have met  her horse, Giggles, shortly before she passed, and had heard stories about her. Thinking about the stories as I wove the bracelet made her come back to life in my mind. 

Memorial Bracelet Giggles
Made from Mane hair

Memorial Bracelet Winston and Sequoia
Memorial Bracelet Winston and Sequoia
Made from Tail Hair
It is my prayer that wearing it will bring those happy memories to the mind of the wearer and put a smile on their face.

I am now offering my services to horse owners  to make these special bracelets.  I make them using all Sterling Silver and Silver plated findings. I add gemstones of your choosing  to each bracelet  for that added touch. Perhaps you want colors that were associated with your horse in life, or you have a favorite gemstone that you like.  The cost of making these start out at $50 to be paid up front to cover cost of  added materials and labor.   Contact me at to make arrangements to order your special remembrance piece. 

I do have bracelets made up and ready for order for those who do not have a horse but want to own some of this amazing jewelry.  Here is a piece currently listed in my Artfire shop

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dream Catcher Earrings woven using horse hair.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Buyers Wanted.... No Experience Necessary!!

      As an artisan I LOVE to create things.  I never know from day to day exactly what will come out of my creative moods. Sometimes I am disappointed and frustrated with what the end result of hours of work is, and other times I am amazed at what has appeared seemingly by itself, in front of my eyes.
      Part of being an artist is the wanting to share with others the beauty that I have been blessed to create. As a child I would make things and give them away for the joy of giving.  As an adult I  still enjoy giving things away, but have found that in order to purchase the supplies I need to create items I need  to sell my craft.
    I have found myself the full time owner of several online shops. This is also a FULL TIME job that does not leave room for creating near as much as I would like.  I have shops on Artfire, Zibbet, Etsy, as well as a variety of other places.  Because I am only one skinny white woman I can only focus my attention on these top three.
     All of my "free time" is spent listing (ugh, news flash, artists like to create not list), promoting (sorry facebook friends for the constant onslaught of items coming at you, and oh by the way will you please share them with your friends? Thanks a bunch!) tweeting,(will I ever get the hang of this abstract notion?)  visiting forums on a variety of sites to leave links leading back to my shops.  
      So far all of my hard work as not as  of yet, paid off.   

Because of this I have decided to run an advertisement for Buyers.
BUYERS WANTED, NO EXPERIENCE (unless your shopping on Etsy) NECESSARY!!
To be a buyer that I am looking for you only need to fill these one of these qualifications. An AMAZING buyer is able to fill all four.

  •  Buyers who know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. Be it a custom order, or for earwires to be swapped out for clip ons, or for a necklace to be lengthened  or shortened. 
  • Buyers who are not afraid of asking for a deal, (if you send me a message saying you Love love love my pearl necklace but cannot afford the price, chances are it will be lowered for you)  
  • Buyers who are not afraid to set up a buyer account on Etsy or navigate the confusing process they have there. 
  • Buyers who would rather not set up a buyer account and purchase directly from my Artfire kiosk on Facebook (too cool!! hope it catches on soon) 

If you think you may be a Buyer who fills these qualifications then I am looking forward to working with you!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Angels among us necklaces and earrings at TACS in Tomball on 2920 across from HEB

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Note: To play video messages sent to email, QuickTime� 6.5 or higher is required. at lower price than online and no shipping and handling fee!!! Go shop at TACS in Tomball Texas. Located in glass case at counter on the right when entering.

Where to Buy Locally

Tomball Arts & Crafts Showcase  is  one location where you can go to see and purchase items I have created locally here in Texas.  The address is 1222 W Main St Tomball, TX  77375

I am also  selling locally at Creative Christians in Magnolia Texas 
Creative Christians is located in the WoodForest Shopping Plaza
 at 6875 FM 1488 Suite 1100, Magnolia Texas, 77354 

Monday, November 1, 2010

November is Native American Heritage Month

In honor of Native American Heritage Month some of my fellow Etisans and I have banded together to celebrate.  Many of our shops are running sales on select items, and a treasure hunt with prizes has been organized.  
To find the sale items go to and type NAPromo in the search bar.
To join in the Treasure hunt click HERE   New Treasure hunt each week, 8 winners will be drawn from those who email in the correct word.
Here is a sample from some of the artists who are participating in this Month long sale, including little ol' me.

Tree of Life Platter

Life is made of choices, wall sign/ plaque

Native Inspired Sterling Silver with Coral and Howlite