Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Today is November 25th Thanksgiving Day 2010  so here I am thinking about all that I am thankful for.....  
Thankful for Camo Kitty 
who's antics lighten the mood in our home
 and bring us great joy

For our girls Brooke and Bailee. 
The unconditional love they show us and each other blows my mind.

My Beautiful Daughter Teresa

Teresa's adorable children
 my Grandbabies Samantha and Luc who I love beyond belief

My Handsome Son Sam and his dog Dakota Gold

My amazing Husband Robert who is bouncing back, against all odds
 from the stroke he suffered three years ago. 
Baby you are my hero and inspiration!! I LOVE YOU!! 

My Wonderful Stepson Jason and his beautiful wife Claudia, and Beck 
the most amazing step grandson ever!

The ability to see and appreciate beauty in my own backyard
And front yard

I could go one and on giving thanks for each of my eleven (11) siblings and posting their pictures along with my many nieces and nephews.  For the many friends  both new and old, online and offline that I have the privilege and honor of knowing over the years. Suffice it to say I am abundantly blessed and very thankful!!! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope the holiday is a wonderful one for you all!!


  1. You are truly blessed. Regards to your lovely family.

  2. What a beautiful family you have, and yes you are truly blessed and so am I for having you as a friend!Thanks for sharing with us and have a wonderful day today!

  3. Lovely family. Your handsome husband is way too young to have suffered a stroke. Glad to hear he's bouncing back.

    Follow me back if you can.


  4. Thank you all for your kind comments. :)

  5. A beautiful family, Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Thank you for sharing photos of your blessings !!

  7. @ Belle, thanks!

    @ Bridget You're welcome and thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment!


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