Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I just learned that I am featured on another  blog, written by Samy of Princess Samy Vintage on Etsy.  
Samy was the prize winner a few weeks back on another blog I was featured on, the prize being a pair of custom Dream Catcher earrings.  Her blog, which can be read by clicking here, is a review of the earrings she chose.
Here are my top three favorites from  from Samy's shop!
I once upon a time had a collection of these super comfy rompers... hmm perhaps I will again. 

I love how these works of art are also functional!
Cute little woodland friend (unless they are in my garden, then it's another story)

So there you have it... My top three favs from Princess Samy Vintage shop 
she also has SHOES!!  ;o)

Princess Samy on Facebook                         Princess Samy on Etsy                           Princess Samy Blog

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  1. Wow, this is Samy's lucky week! I featured her on Sunday on my blog as well, and picked the Monet coasters to show. Too funny!


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